John Campbell – Angel Of Sorrow


Τ ο       Τ Ρ Α Γ Ο Υ Δ Ι ……………

When I reach that misty river and times’ no longer on my side,
Ill set one foot on board and that oar mans set to ride,
Give me one last breath,
One last breath,
To tell my baby goodbye……

Όταν φτάσω στο θολό ποτάμι κι ο χρόνος δε θα ‘ναι πια με το μέρος μου,
Θα ανέβω στη βάρκα με το ένα πόδι και ο κωπηλάτης θα είναι έτοιμος.
Μια τελευταία ανάσα
για να αποχαιρετίσω το μωρό μου.

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The mirror~by rldubour


The mirror

When you view into a mirror, what do you really see?

Most just view it for their looks and for their vanity.

I wonder if they made a mirror that would show ones heart and soul.

How long would we stand before it? If our real self were being told.

Not just the outside image, for that is just skin deep.

But, how we feel, how we think and the values that we seek.

To show us how we treat our loved ones each and every day.

Or how we great a stranger, as we go on our way.

To reveal our moral values and respect and kindness too.

To show us what we take for granted, in everything we do.

Much like the Christmas Carol and the ghost that did appear.

To show our past and present and of the coming years.

I wonder how many people…

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