The Colours of Friendship

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I have been very lucky in having friends with a heart of gold who always stood by me in every crisis and steered me through it firmly holding my finger and encouraged me to take life head on…
I was seriously ill and fighting for life in an Intensive Care Unit in a hospital. My friend a staunch believer prayed for me in her prayers.
With the blessings of God and the prayers of my friends I came out of the ICU after about a month and was discharged from the hospital. She wrote me a very touching message which I have preserved in my inbox.
It read as follows:

Good morning uncle…
In my life, once a person come into my life, they will forever(be) in my heart, even i(f) (a)m ignored i let it be cos i believe i come into this world to face the reality of life. Nobody is perfect when (yo)u understand urself. So accept our friends as they are, God the greatest is the real planner of this life will always with us who believe in His works.
My pray(ers) always with u uncle & aunty
always 4 both of (yo)u
Smile InShaaAllah u will b(e) ok.

A…a E….f

I am blessed to have such friends in my life …